Tritax Symmetry


We work collaboratively with specialist developer Tritax Symmetry creating new employment space throughout the North. Developing multiple strategic master plans simultaneously, we explore and mitigate constraints whilst endlessly engaging with stakeholders to turn vision into reality.

Industrial, manufacturing and logistic sites may look like simple boxes but that's just a facade! Process, efficiency, landscape and sympathy to the size and scale are all critical design parameters in delivering a new strategic development. We listen to tenants, market specialists, neighbours and local authorities to stay at the top of our game.

They are responsive and experienced. They deliver. They kept on doing exactly what they said they were going to do, and they kept on getting it right, so we kept on inviting them to do it again…and that’s how 17 years has passed!

Andrew Dickman Director, Tritax Symmetry

    Gaining consent for the strategic vision is just the start. We have delivered many individual buildings for Tritax Symmetry , sized and configured to suit varied end users.

    We are proud of our experience in the industrial sector. Often dismissed, we use good design to deliver benefits to the communities in which employment space sits. We consider access, landscape, views and drive maximum architectural value in our building design.

    Alan Lamb Associate Director, AEW Architects