Design and Construction Manuals


Using our unrivalled knowledge to create efficiencies and savings for our retail clients

For over 20 years we have assisted our clients in creating and enhancing their brands, re-imaging and remodelling their assets and building out their aspirations of growth in the UK and beyond. We have an unrivalled, detailed understanding of retail roll out and construction works from inception to completion and beyond, driving improvements and efficiencies throughout the full supply chain and client operations.

For the last 10 years, using this knowledge, we have been assisting key clients including McDonald’s, Dominos and most recently The Co-op on creating a series of interactive online manuals that enable information for the full supply, design, construction and internal client team. Manuals so far have included:

  • Design Guidelines
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Construction Details
  • Supply Chain Data

We engage with the clients, stakeholders and supply chain members to gain input for documentation, including the full range of approved contractors and consultants. We collate, analyse and interpret this information, creating and maintaining high quality interactive digital manuals. Hosted online with a single point of access, they and are regularly reviewed, updated and then disseminated back throughout the entire team with the click of a button. Work to date has had an immense impact creating consistency and continuity across consultants and workflows on our projects, thus creating cost savings and efficiencies.