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Summit Up, Oldham

Planning Consultancy

Summit Up. Oldham’s ‘World Class’ climbing centre.

Set to open in 2021, Summit Up is set to become one of the most exciting facilities of its kind. Featuring the largest Clip ‘n Climb in the north of England, bouldering, roped climbing, soft play and café, we are delivering a fantastic accessible and inclusive experience for people of all ages and abilities.

Collaborating with the Stoller Charitable Trust (SCT), ‘Summit Up’ has been created with the local community in mind. Not only have we created a spaces where everyone can feel safe to push their limits, try something new, and have fun, but more importantly to provide opportunities to raise aspirations, support Oldham’s young people to reach the height of their ability and to provide a helping hand when it is most needed.

All of Summit Up’s profits will go directly to supporting the youth of Oldham, leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation of the Oldham community.