Social Value

We believe that our activities should have a positive effect on the environment, the community, our clients and business partners and our employees.

We are committed to good design for the benefit of all, engaging with all stakeholders and driving social benefit.

We continually review our skills, knowledge, approach and operations to ensure that we improve.

  • We volunteer our time and skills to charities and community projects. We support similar minded organisations and individuals with direct sponsorship and financial contributions.

    We have a longstanding partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), designing and delivering ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families with children in hospitals and hospices across the UK. RMHC provide free, safe, relaxing accommodation for parents during their child’s stay in hospital, all at no cost to the NHS Trust or families who stay, thus helping to keep family units together and encouraging families to support one another through what can be an emotionally challenging time.

    We have an internal charity committee that plans regular volunteer and fund-raising activities for various charities. Recently activities have included:

    • Practice wide volunteer day for Help for Heroes and Hague Housing with maintenance of their Canada Street accommodation, Newton Heath, Manchester
    • Onesie Wednesday in support of Autism Awareness
    • Wear it Pink in support of Breast Cancer
    • Football Shirt Friday in support of Cancer Research UK
    • Annual participation in the Greater Manchester Run for various causes
    • Fundraising for RMHC including the National 3 Peaks Challenge, Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, Snowdon Challenge and annual Christmas decoration ‘make and sale’
    • Volunteering at our local RMHC Manchester House to clean and redecorate
    • Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride
    • Tough Mudder Challenge
    • Red January

    We encourage our employees to be involved in the Manchester Society of Architects.

    We organise regular blood donation at our local NHS Blood Donor Centre.

    • We actively invest in the future of our industry with commitment of our time, energy and knowledge into the education of Architecture’s next generation.

      We provide:

      • work placements for a range of students.
      • attendance at a range of career fairs in schools, colleges and universities.
      • opportunities for apprentice positions within the practice.
      • clear commitments to architectural students training with us via Part I and Part II pledges.
      • tutoring for undergraduates at the Manchester School of Architecture.
      • volunteered examiners to the RIBA Professional Qualifications process.
      • skilled employment opportunities with good renumeration and benefits.
      • continued learning and development including mentoring, coaching, a continued professional development [CPD] program and support to professional chartership status.
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    • We treat everybody with equal respect.

      We endeavour to:

      • use a supply chain founded on small local business and SME’s.
      • make decisions that are not solely based on price.
      • pay all sub-consultants and suppliers within 28 days of receipt of invoice.
      • employ a diverse workforce without reference to age, sex, race or nationality.
      • pay full sick to all employees.
      • offer flexible working arrangements along with a range of additional staff benefits.
      • pay annual bonuses to management on a profit share basis.
      • invest in our staff to facilitate personal development and confidence, encourage initiative and imagination, reward commitment and responsibility, to maximise the potential of everyone.
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    • We believe that all of our activities should have a positive effect on the environment.

      We are committed to good design that maximises social benefits for the communities in which our projects are based. We aim to create sustainable solutions from the outset, engaging with all stakeholders and driving social improvements including access, inclusion, health and wellbeing, amenity and whole lifecycle project ‘costs’ including energy usage.

      In our own business activities we aim to reduce our impact via our Environmental Management Plan. We commit to:

      • minimise the use of non- renewable natural resources in our office operations through the improvement of energy efficiency, reduction of energy use, recycling, promotion of sustainable travel and supply chain monitoring
      • adopt a holistic approach to architectural sustainability by through a wide-ranging knowledge of legislation, sustainable design strategies, technologies and materials
      • ensure that we work with clients and consultants to adopt low impact environmental designs
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