Our Sectors

We understand our strengths and stick to them. By only working in our focused sectors, we add value to projects via our deep specialist knowledge, skills and experience.

We deliver projects to the highest standard. Our experience includes traditional build, steel and timber-framed construction, concrete, modular solutions and hybrids of all types.

  • We work extensively throughout the accommodation sector including one-off private dwellings, mass housing, social housing, high rise city living, PRS, dementia care and parental accommodation linked to hospitals.

    Our design tackles regeneration, building communities, rebuilding communities and creating homes. Frequently, stakeholder engagement and ownership are key to success.

    We work for private and public sector clients, developers, contractors and registered providers.

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  • Our work in the industrial sector is extensive including distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, process buildings, energy and infrastructure projects.

    Our knowledge allows us to maximise the potential of sites in spite of constraints.

    We work for developers, institutional investors, local authorities, contractors and private clients.

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  • We design office space directly for end users and the speculative market. Our schemes range from full office parks to one off developments.

    Our experience leads to the combination of functional, efficient design with creative space and unique personality to generate inspiring places to work.

    We work for developers, contractors, occupiers, local authorities and private clients.

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  • Our wide-ranging experience in the retail sector includes the design and delivery of retail space and directly for retailers.

    We regenerate and extend town centres, design out of town shopping parks, roadside convenience and new district centres.

    We work with retailers to understand their customers’ needs and expectations and then exceed those with innovative retail interiors and customer experiences.

    Nationally, we work for high street brands, developers, local authorities and private clients.

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  • Our coverage of sport and leisure is comprehensive, ranging from national sporting facilities, technical guidance, monitoring, pools and gyms to hotels, museums and cinemas.

    Our combination of accomplished design and technical expertise ensures exciting yet functional facilities.

    We work with national sporting bodies, local authorities, developers, contractors and private clients.

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