Our Services

We work openly with clients and stakeholders to maximise the benefits of good design for all, across all our services.

We strongly believe that all design work should be delivered in 3D to maximise engagement and minimise misunderstanding. We continually review and improve our services and use technology to benefit our projects and services.

  • We are a Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA] Chartered Practice and have a large team of RIBA and Architects Registration Board [ARB] accredited architects. We have extensive experience throughout our specialist sectors, leading projects for conception to completion.

    Our design teams are supported by technical expertise from our Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologist [CIAT] accredited technologists and technicians.

    We clearly set out our scope of works and fees on each commission and engage using the RIBA terms and conditions, which can be found here.

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  • We understand BIM [Better Information Management] and look to maximise its benefits on our projects. We share our knowledge and passion collaboratively with our Clients and partners.

    Our BIM expertise is not reserved solely for our projects and we offer BIM CONSULTANCY as a standalone service. When working with a new Client it is critical to understand your current systems and processes, future requirements and organisational objectives. From this we can define and agree a BIM strategy with you to commence your digital journey and unleash the benefits.

    STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT is critical to the smooth-running and success of any project. We understand that projects have a large number of stakeholders, individuals and groups, all of which need communication and support in a variety of forms for successful engagement. We are able to offer a range of methods to support this, including, virtual reality, augmented reality using smartphones with QR codes to consultant and supply chain training, support and workshops.

    We undertake BIM COORDINATION for our own projects and as a separate service. The accurate and successful coordination of all stakeholders on a construction project can be a challenge. The use of a 3D model presents an array of opportunities for improvements on quality control, but these are often missed, with visual checking taking precedence. It is the adoption of digital tools and processes that improve the ability of the project team to collaborate, which brings a great benefit to any project.

    Our INFORMATION MANGER services ensure careful management of data that is captured through the design and construction process to maximise the potential for efficiency gains and risk reduction. We are able to assist with pre and post-contact BIM documentation, supply chain assessments. Common Data Environments, Asset information progress management, capture of installation, supply chain and manufacturers data and Asset information model support.

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  • Our in-house Register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation [AABC Register] architects offer expert opinion on projects that include or affect protected heritage assets and buildings.

    Our conservation experts are available to lead on listed building applications, applications in conservations areas, impact assessments, quinquennial surveys, specialist fabric repairs and expert opinion on works to listed buildings.

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  • Our large team of interior designers provides concept design, space planning, interior design and workplace consultancy services across all our specialist sectors.

    As buildings must work increasingly harder for their occupiers, we can deliver coordinated architecture and interiors from the outset between our in-house teams.

    Our interiors team are available for direct commission as well as in conjunction with our architectural projects.

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  • Our projects often begin with initial masterplans, having considered the physical, economic and strategic constraints of a site following extensive stakeholder engagement. Our in-house Planning Consultant enables early identification of constraints and opportunities, working with the National Planning Policy Framework.

    Our master planning experience covers our full range of sectors in varying size and scale from town centre regeneration, office parks, strategic housing sites, shopping destinations, sports villages, employment and distribution parks.

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  • Our in-house Royal Institute of Town Planners [RTPI] accredited town planner enables early identification of constraints and opportunities on our projects, working with the National Planning Policy Framework. Working directly with the project team, our Planning Consultant is able to deal quickly and concisely with Local Authorities to obtain swift decisions working efficiently through the planning process.

    Planning consultancy is available as an independent service as well as in conjunction with our architectural or interior projects.

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  • Integrating sustainability and carbon assessments within our architectural services embeds sustainability into the heart of our projects and streamlines the process of achieving the highest sustainability ratings.

    Through systems thinking we understand the complexity of holistic sustainability considerations and our inhouse experts can support projects from brief through to post occupancy to ensure that client sustainability ambitions can be realised. We offer the following sustainability services:

    • BREEAM Assessment
    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    • Passivhaus