Sport & Leisure

147 bedroom hotel, Trafford

Interior Design

We are delighted to have collaborated with Create Developments on the design of a 147 bedroom hotel situated on a highly prominent site close to the Trafford Centre. Recently submitted for planning, the 7-storey hotel sits on a constrained plot adjacent to an existing large-scale residential tower off Junction 9 of the M60. It has been carefully considered to respond to the scale and character of its context. The facades are highly articulated with careful attention to detail including recesses, reveals and a change in materiality to provide visual interest and an increased sense of depth.

At ground floor, our interior design team has ensured the welcome, gathering and living zones will provide warm and inviting public areas, giving guests views across the depth of the building and whilst creating an active and animated street frontage. The upper floors of the hotel largely consist of contemporary guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, along with a spacious fitness centre at first floor.

Sport and leisure is one of our key sectors and we are delighted to submit proposals for this exciting new hotel project with Create Developments.

Ross Huntingdon Associate Director