Cornerstone Edward Street, Stockport


An ‘iconic’ HQ office in the Stockport Town Hall Conservation Area delivers cutting edge customer services together with smart ways of working for Stockport Homes.

    Externally the 54,000ft² office responds sensitively to its Civic setting making the transition between the Town Hall and neighbouring residential apartments. Internally we had to balance the transitions between public space, invited space and private space.

    We were instrumental in supporting Quorum Estates Ltd in their bid to deliver Stockport Homes’ new office ‘Cornerstone’. Bringing together 550 staff from 4 remote sites under one roof as a statement of the organisation’s commitment to Stockport and providing an exceptional professional service by breaking down departmental ‘silos’, promoting cultural change through agile, modern working practice and encouraging contact with its customers.

    The new building has changed the way we work, it is an amazing space that we are all so proud to work in. It's bright, modern and iconic.

    Verity Calderbank Stockport Homes Group