Glass Futures, St Helens


Designing a pioneering, new global research and development facility for Glass Futures on a former glassworks site in St Helens.

We have developed proposals for a new global centre of excellence for the glass industry for the not-for-profit organisation, Glass Futures. The site was formerly a glassworks facility but has been partly redeveloped by our client Network Space into a new Rugby League Stadium and superstore. The new facility’s proposed location is on a 6.5 acre plot in the south western corner of this site.

Our emerging proposals have developed from in-depth discussions with the building’s end user and focus on accommodating the unique functions of the building, whilst providing flexibility to accommodate change in, and growth of, the internal processes and activities. The 158,000 sqft development will accommodate furnaces, a container glass production facility and testing alongside office, training and laboratory space. It also allows for the installation of a float glass production line. A primary aim of the development is to accelerate the de-carbonisation of the glass industry.

Externally, elevations have been carefully considered in relation to Glass Futures’ desire for natural light into the process areas. The entrance atrium spans the full height of the office to maximise natural light and showcase the glass industry facility contained within to the wider area.