Accommodation, Later Living & Care

Moor Lane, Bolton


Residential-led transformation of a 3.8 acre brownfield site in the heart of Bolton town centre for Step Places and Bolton at Home.

    Our proposals focus on three sites in Bolton, including the vacant bus station off Moor Lane. The aim of this key development is to regenerate the site and act as a catalyst for future development. The scheme comprises 164no. apartments across 4no. new purpose-built buildings, 44no. new urban townhouses, lots of new public green space and a small number of commercial units.

    The proposals will provide a mix of one and two-bedroom apartments for a range of tenures including Affordable general needs, affordable over 55’s and private rent. All the apartments provide ample cycle facilities and are designed to nationally described space standards (NDSS). The private rent buildings also feature concierge and gym facilities.

    The 44no. three-bedroom 3 storey urban townhouses are arranged in tight urban blocks and are tenure blind with a split between shared ownership and open market sale. The buildings are designed to complement the civic location and are arranged around central community courtyards which provide secure parking and space for play and socialising.

    The masterplan responds to the conservation area, the adjacent market and wider masterplan aspirations set out by the council. The development has been arranged to front and define two significant areas of public realm which have been subject to a towns fund application. The parks, known as Cheadle Gardens and Linear Park, provide important vistas and public routes linking to Le Mans Crescent and Bolton Market.

    Working with the landscape architect we have carefully developed a town centre intervention with a distinctive character which reflects the local identity of the area with buildings and spaces designed in high quality materials which are durable and will age gracefully. Extensive detailing within the brickwork and plan form help knit this important development into the historic townscape.

    The proposals are a result of an extensive consultation process with stakeholders including Bolton Council, Places Matter, Historic England, the Civic Trust, local councillors and the wider community.

    It is hoped the Moor Lane development will act as a catalyst for change in the area, providing a new sustainable multi tenure neighbourhood that dovetails into the surrounding areas, creating a diverse, vibrant experience with a mix of complimentary uses designed to last for successive generations.

    Step Places and Bolton at Home are working together to redevelop Bolton’s disused bus station into an ambitious housing and commercial development. We are proud that our plans offer a wide range of carefully designed homes to cater for all members of the local community. Alongside the new facilities and public open space, the development will help to create a thriving community in the heart of Bolton

    Step Places Spokesman