Retail, Office, Sport & Leisure

Oldham Spindles


Innovative proposals for the transformation of a shopping centre in the heart of Oldham Town Centre. Consolidating retail space and introducing a complementary mix of new uses ranging from a new market and event space to civic offices and a heritage archive.

    Oldham Spindles was purchased by Oldham Council in November 2020 with the aim of bringing forward its redevelopment. The 450,000 sqft shopping centre is currently 100% retail but with a large amount of vacancy. We have worked closely with the Council to undertake a wholescale review of Oldham Spindles and determine the optimum mix and layout of uses to ensure its vibrant, viable future.

    Our proposals are to condense the retail, reducing vacancy and freeing up poorly let space for alternative complementary uses. Our focus has been on incorporating uses which will generate increased footfall and provide an all-day offer to the local community.

    Proposals include the provision of a new Market. Above the market hall would be a large split-level events venue with roof-top views of the borough. The plans also accommodate a new heritage archive designed to showcase artefacts from Oldham’s arts and heritage services. Other uses included new civic offices and third-party workspace.

    New and existing uses have been carefully planned to exploit adjacencies, promote active frontages and improve connectivity and access both within the building and to the wider area.

    The proposals have been developed following enagagement with working groups from the Council and local stakeholders.