Sport & Leisure

Redgrave Institute, Chester


Working with an Olympic legend to deliver a legacy of inspiring the next generation of UK athletes.

In collaboration with Sir Steve Redgrave, we have developed a facility to appeal to a broad range of users, ultimately helping to develop more athletes performing at the elite end of sport. The architecture of each facility should be inspirational from the first glance. Our internal spacial organisation allows each user to glimpse at the next level encouraging greater effort and drive at each step.

Each institute will feature a rowing club and academy, gym and sports spaces, education facilities, mentoring and class areas and high-performance areas. Institutes will be lined to accommodation to create sporting villages, each linked to a higher education institution.

We have worked with AEW Architects on a number of sports related projects as they have a collaborative approach to achieving our goals. AEW have a real understanding of the sport and leisure sector which results in designs which suit the operational needs and commercial requirements of the facilities. At the Redgrave Institute in Chester, AEW have been an integral part of the team and have led the design process from the outset.

Michael Breen Redgrave Institute and formerly ABK Sports