Sale West Masterplan


Collaborating with the community and stakeholders on the biggest estate regeneration project in Greater Manchester for over a decade.

We have supported Irwell Valley Homes to produce an innovative, inclusive and sustainable masterplan for the future of Sale West neighbourhood. By engaging with the community throughout summer and autumn of 2019, we gathered valuable information on what was good about the estate and what didn’t work well. The focus was not just on new homes but also on streets and spaces, security, landscaping, connections and how people got around the estate.

We engaged extensively with different audiences within the community via inclusive;-

  • Community workshops
  • One to one Surgeries - listening to customer needs & concerns.
  • Presentations, exhibitions and website

Digitising the process - by utilising our advanced digital capabilities we were able to communicate the current issues and proposals via 3D modelling and virtual reality. This included QR coding linked to digital content that was strategically positioned around the estate, which allowed us to reach a wider audience and provide a better understanding of the proposals.

Three is the magic number – by rising to three storeys we provide focal points and maximise space for quality amenity, including play areas, for both the young and the old, and seating prioritised by residents to assist their elderly.

Full planning was granted for 79 new family homes for phase 1 in June 2020, along with outline for a further 184 homes, including age friendly accommodation. We are also looking at possibilities for the existing community centre, working with the community and residents’ groups to provide a new facility.

We are committed to providing great homes, in good neighbourhoods, and this major regeneration programme will help us to achieve this.

Sasha Deepwell Chief Executive of Irwell Valley Homes